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All photographers whether they are amateur or professional have days when there is something not quite right, it could be too much sun, too little sun, wrong time of day, a nightmare background. There could be dust on the lens, on the reflex mirror inside the camera, and even the arch enemy of the photographer, HAIR! Additionally, when a film is developed in a non-closed darkroom there are increased chances of dust and other particles to become hazards. All these circumstances are a perfect playground for image manipulation.

What is a Digital Image?

An Digital Image is a rectangular grid of pixels, it has a definite height and a definite width counted in pixels. Each pixel is square and has a fixed size on a given display; however, different computer monitors may use different sized pixels.

Each pixel has a colour. The colour is a 32-bit integer (whole number). The first eight bits determine the redness of the pixel, the next eight bits the greenness, the next eight bits the blueness, and the remaining eight bits the transparency of the pixel.

What is image manipulation?

This is the capability that allows you to change image characteristics to view and detect anomalies in dark or light area of the film, highlight certain structures, enhance edges, change brightness and contrast and magnify. The possibilities are endless.

There are two different types of software used to manipulate images. These are "Image Editors" and "Illustration Software"

Here is a list of some well-known image editing programs:

  • Adobe Photoshop (Used by Fort Digital Imaging)
  • Adobe PhotoDeluxe (Used by Fort Digital Imaging)
  • Corel Photo-Paint
  • Procreate Painter
  • MGI PhotoSuite (Used by Fort Digital Imaging)
  • Micrografx Picture Publisher
  • Microsoft Paint
  • Paint Shop Pro (Used by Fort Digital Imaging)
  • Ulead PhotoImpact


Here is a list of some well-known illustration programs:

  • Adobe Illustrator (Used by Fort Digital Imaging)
  • CorelDRAW (Used by Fort Digital Imaging)
  • Macromedia Freehand
  • Creature House Expression
  • Microsoft Draw
  • Serif DrawPlus
  • Xara X