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The Fort Saskatchewan Art Society - ABOUT US

The Fort Saskatchewan Art Society is a non-profit organization registered under the Alberta Registries, Business Incorporation Act. The Fort Saskatchewan Art Society (FSAS) began as an informal "Club" in 2000, with a core membership of around 5 artists who met at the Spotlight Gallery and Framing store once or twice a month.

As the membership grew, so did the shows, and eventually civic rule and laws pretty much left no choice for the group but to Incorporate as a Society in 2006, so as to better serve its membership and the public.

At our peak in 2008, the FSAS had almost 30 members, with artists coming from as far away as Redwater, Gibbons, Lamont and South Edmonton.

In 2008 and 2009, the membership of the FSAS was suddenly decimated by the untimely passing away of two long-time and respected members, severely depleting the morale of the membership, resulting in a low attendance to meetings and shows.

In 2010, with a small revival core group of 5 artists, the FSAS started rebuilding the Society with a fresh plan for action. The FSAS is working on developing and presenting a whole network of courses aimed at as many disciplines of the Arts as possible, in an attempt to garner more interest in the Society, and to further the aims of the Society.

To do this, the FSAS intends to look for and offer support to artists in fields other than just painters. We strongly want to have Amature Photographers to Graphic Artists to Animation Artists and even to Metal Sculpture Artists as members of the Society - we are excited with the potential of what future Art Shows will look like in Fort Saskatchewan. We know there are these types of Artists living in the local area, and we are eager to not only have them as members, but to bring in outside expertise to present training and advanced courses for our membership and the public as well.

The Fort Saskatchewan Art Society - for all things thou art!


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