Fridge Art
"Cool" Love Letters

Edwin's Note! - Here is my one chance to profess my love for my dear Significant Other!  If you tend to get queasy reading love poems and so on, quickly click on the link on the right to get you out of here real quick!
Have you ever noticed that many of the older style of Refrigerators have a smooth finished surface that almost everyone uses to put "Fridge Magnets" on.  Have you ever thought of another use for all that blank space that is the skin of your Refrigerator?

A while ago, while visiting friends, we noticed that their daughter and mother left notes for each other, including appointments and so on, written directly on their refrigerator!  The smooth, clear surface is very suitable for writing on with the latest craze in Office Efficiency, and is now hitting the homes - Dry Erasable Markers.

Our old Fridge, bless her old kilowatt-eating-soul, had such a surface.  Most of it was covered with paper documents, "Fridge Magnets", pictures and old useless Lotto tickets, well past their prime.  I went out to a yard sale and purchased an 5 colour set of "Dry-Eraseable Markers" and mounted them to the side of the Fridge.

Soon, our lives were governed by what tid-bit of information garnered the most prestigious space on the front of the Refridgerator - the Freezer Door being prime real-estate, and where the most important information was to be located.

Shopping lists, telephone messages and phone numbers, reminders and appointments, the occasional picture of our friends children held into place by the smallest magnets, but framed with various coloured lines drawn using the markers.  This is what our life had become - Fridge Art!

With the advent of our New Kitchen, we knew that the Fridge would have to bow out to a newer, power-efficient and ergo-correct model.

Gasp - what were we to do?  We went out, bought about 4 DayTimers to re-organize our lives and tried to stop using the Fridge for important information.  Suddenly, there was a huge gap in our lives.

Each morning, as I got up early to put a pot of coffee on, I passed the Fridge, noting the old information on the door, the markings beginning to wear off, pictures hanging outside of the drawn frames, telephone messages long answered, or forgotten.

I wanted to see what the Fridge looked like nice and clean, just once before we retired her.  I wiped off all the markings, moved all the "Fridge Magnets" over to the side of the Fridge in a neat collection organized by size and content.  With that done, I got dressed and went for work.

That night, prior to going to bed, I commented to my darling that I am going to miss the big old clunker.  I knew the new style fridges have textured surfaces, incompatible with Dry Markers, and that to find a Fridge as big as our old one for a reasonable price was going to be hard.

The following morning, I awoke as normal, and made my way to the kitchen.  I noticed that there was some writing on the Freezer door, but paid it no attention as I knew by this time that all important information would be found either by the phone, computer or in our daytimers.

I continued to go through my morning routine, and just prior to leaving the house, I went to the kitchen for a last time to get my travel mug of coffee.  While taking my first savory sip of coffee, I looked again at the Freezer door and noticed the note was for me.

It read:

     "I hope you have a wonderful day at work.  I love you and miss you each time you leave"

How could I have missed this earlier.  Of course, I replied with my own missives.


"Cool" Fridge Art is born.

 These notes of endearment and encouragement went on for a while, but suddenly came to an abrupt end when a series of misunderstandings and a lack of communication between us resulted in a "Cool" war.  Work sucked for a while, and Home life, while normal, was not conducive to any great romance.

Then one morning, the following message appeared on the Freezer door.  It read:

"Some wives are kind;
To the untrained eye they seem
obedient and blind.
Some are weird and confused;
swearing and tearing, not so much caring.
To the untrained eye they are just running amok,
and therefore sounding like Donald Duck.
                            Quak,  Quak"
First Cool Letter

I believe the reference was that she was "shooting from the hip - verbally" and was apologising by tell me so in her own unique way.

The Cool war was over - My darling took the brave first step, and with some humour, let me know that she still loves me.  What did I do?  Well of course, like any red-blooded male, I wrote a reply just before leaving for work - in typical "rushed male" fashion...

"To be sure, and To be Quick
At least you don't sound,
like a mouse named "Mick"
My reply


Who needs Personal Organizers when a "Cool" method of expressing your love, thoughts and ideas are there whenever you needed it.  Whether getting a snack, preparing supper, grabbing a drink or just sitting at the kitchen table contemplating the bottom of your coffee mug, Inspiration and the medium for sharing that inspiration was only a step or 3 away.

Most of the notes we left are not intended for public consumption, but I will give you a sample of one of our more expansive missives, to give you an idea how we expressed our love for each other.

In this next verse, you must know that I am a total addict to Popcorn.  I grew up with my sister making me popcorn in a cast-iron pot.  We never had to use oil to make the popcorn as the pot had a continuous source of butter on the bottom from the previous use, when we melted butter in the pot after the popcorn was made.  From then, I graduated to the Hot-Air popper, with a brief affair with the instant Microwave type, before going back to the Air Popper.  In any case, I can polish off a large salad bowl of popcorn on my own in one sitting.  That is worth about $20 in a Movie Theatre.

"Have you noticed that I am getting old?
Because here are some thing that I wasn't told;
The only "snap" left is when I do up my pants,
The only "crackle" is my back - admiring your plants.
The "Pop" is my shirt button, hitting the floor,
letting my gut out after answering the door.

So you see dear, like some things that I eat,
most of it makes it down to my seat.
Like many things past, that I have foresworn,
I still love you,
                 more than my popcorn."

Public Viewable note

Just as a final note - these little ditties are quoted verbatim from the Fridge.  They were made up on the spot, quickly written and left without spell-checking or verifying any accuracy, and especially without a bow to any sages of past lore.

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