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What I had in the past was a lack of communication.

Now I can't keep up.

Ain't modern Technology wunderful?

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Pet web Find articles and information about pets, breeder adverts and adverts for pets for sale, a Pet Directory of suppliers of pet products and services, pet clubs and more

Mark L. Browning's Movie Page
From a 16 yr old to a 55 yr old, they all rate each movie.  Gives an interesting slant how the generations view (pardon the pun) each movie reviewed. Also an excellent movie resource of older movies, DVD's CD's and filmographies.
Sports Illustrated Of course, I'm a male, ain't I??? (And yes, I DO read the articles!!!
Popular Mechanics Like I said....
Popular Science For those wanting to not get too much oil and grease on your hands...
The X-files (official site) Both of us are avid X-Filers - Wicked site!


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