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Are you interested in a Canadian version of Tool Time?

Throw in some Central Alberta Attitude. Toss in 2 or 3 cats tipping the scales at 20 or so pounds. How about a neighbour that, among being the local RCMPs' best buddy, a volunteer firefighter, and a personality that is not afraid to shout out your name - incorrectly - in the local hardware store and who is also the town clown.

Stir into a large pot, mix generously, throw in a couple of first time home-owners, big city attitudes lost in the Prairies, and you have some hilarious stories. At that time, we called it.. Big City Meets Small Town... - Alberta style.

Today, we're on our third home, in our third city in Alberta.  We are almost 15 years older, but the stories still go on...

How about some Links for the average male?   Got that too!!!

Follow the links on either side of this page; you can learn more about our little"family" and some of the escapades we stumble, trip and basically fall into.

Don't forget to check out some true stories about our first home in Alberta. We will be adding to these stories in the future, so remember to come back again! 

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Story 2

Story 3

Story 4

Story 5

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