The continuing story of life in a small town
Small town to Large City - Will we survive?

Well, friends, the world turns, we grow older, smarter, wiser, lose hair, get a bit of a pot belly - where was I?  Oh yes, the world turns, and eventually, we have to move on to bigger and better things.  Or so we hoped.  I received word that I was going to a new job in a new city, but the message didn't bother to inform us where this particular city was that I was to next conquer with my antics.  I frantically did some audio acoustic coupling, (sounds dirty, don't it - I was on the PHONE!) only to find out that I was on the short list for Ottawa, Vancouver or as a long shot, Calgary.  Ottawa would have been a nice desk job, Vancouver, ditto.  Calgary was just 45 minutes down the road, but I was told that chances were slim of going there.  SO.  My darling "significant other" and I got the house ready for sale, knowing that I had to be at my new job by the 15th of July.

No surprise, all our hard work paid off in spades.  We called our Real Estate Agent, he came down for a coffee and crumpets, we chatted, signed an agreement and he left.  Or so we thought.  10 Minutes later, my dearest comes screaming into the dining room (where I was polishing off the leftover crumpets), tears in her eyes.  Our Agent had immediately gone to his Van and pulled out the "For Sale" sign and was busy pounding it into our immaculately kept lawn.  I consoled the wife explaining that the grass would grow back - at the same time thanking the powers-that-be that the agent had decided to put the sign in a spot that some darn cat had peed in - the grass was quite dead there.

Wifie explained that she wasn't expecting to have the sign up so soon, to which I explained that it was early in the season, and that no one would want to look at the house for a while yet.  That evening...

To make a long story short, people starting trooping through our house the next day, and the first couple that saw the house were the ones that bought it. Freedom! No worries about the house! Now all I had to do was to find out where we were moving to.  Ottawa or Vancouver?  Of course, you know that things do not go this smooth. They changed my moving date back to about 2 weeks after the new owners take possession of our house!  What are we to do?  With our 3 cats?  Putting our precious pussies in the kennel was out of the question!  Fortunately, the solution was just down the road.

Unfortunately, about this time, the realtor for the buyers came in stating that our house did not meet the building safety code and that we should drop the price drastically for her clients because of the money they would have to spend to fix the problem.  She proved this by pulling out a measuring tape and measuring the distance between corners of the dining room.  the opposite corners were off by a whole 2.5 inches!  Golly, the walls were caving in!  Call the fire department!  Call the Media!  We were ripped off!

At least that was the impression that she was trying to give us.  A quick call to our Realtor, and he shows up with HIS measuring tape.  True enough, the room was not "perfectly" square.  but then, he went on into the living room, hallway and kitchen and proved that not one of the walls were "perfectly" square. It apparently is impossible to have "perfectly" square walls, doors, ceilings etc unless the home was factory built from a mold.  Talk about "pressure sales".  We promptly put in a complaint with the MLS Marketing board.  Apparently, this realtor also told the neighbors across the street from us that our house was falling apart, not safe and not to buy it. That allegation was also sent to the Marketing board.  We didn't budge an inch.  And we sold - for our asking price!

There is this wonderful little Motel along the highway in the town we lived in, and the owners gave us the kitchenette that backed onto a bit of a green belt.  There was room enough for the 3 cats, my wife and most of myself.  We had brought our potted plants in our trailer and they now resided on either side of the door to our suite.  The owners thought that we spruced the place up pretty good.  We thought that we were going to be there for a while. We had even brought blankets to cover the couches and overstuffed chairs so that we would not have a huge cleaning bill.

We woke up that night to a tremendous crash and clattering and screaming and caterwauling coming from the living room of the suite.  Wife and I jumped out of bed and cranked on the living room light.  All we could see were the living room window blinds tied up in a bundle with a white paw and tail sticking out at odd angles.  Not being used to these modern items called Horizontal Blinds, Yeti wanted to open them up to look out.  Not so easy when all he was used to were the big drapes in the house or the large Vertical Blinds on the Balcony doors. I guess he did some weaving in and out of a few, got tangled up in the strings and WWIII broke out, Yeti being on the losing side.

Mutt and Caesar were sitting side by side on top of the TV, big eyes and tails puffed up.  No doubt, they were sharing a giggle between them.  It took my distraught partner and myself a good 5 minutes to untangle the cat from the blinds, and another 20 or so minutes to untangle the blinds and put them back up.  We never had a problem with the blinds again.

Shortly after we moved into the motel, we got the message that we were being transferred to Calgary, about 45 minutes down the road!  You want to talk about that Vodka bottle being cracked open quick.  After the screaming that we could have been doing some house hunting, we set a date to go down to Cow Town and look for our new abode.  Unfortunately, the world famous "Calgary Stampede" was on during the week that we were allotted to do our house hunting.

I will digress here and say a heart-felt Thank-you to past, present and future Real Estate agents who put up with us during our "mad weeks" whenever we do our house hunting. The wife and I, in particular would like to thank Sue at Landon Re-Max in Calgary.

I will tell more of our move to Cow Town in my next story, NE, SE, NW or SW?

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